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2017 Municipal Election Candidates

Oct 07, 2017

Read up on the candidates running in the 2017 municipal election so you can make an informed vote. 
They are listed alphabetically, beginning with the mayoral candidates and followed by the council candidates. 

Election day is Monday October 16th. Details on where and how to vote can be found on the City of Lacombe website. 


Peter Bouwsema

My wife Lorraine and I chose to move to Lacombe in 1984 as we felt then and still do now, it is a great community to bring up family.  We have three sons.  We have two grandchildren with our oldest son Eric and his wife Rebecca. Our middle son Brent and his wife Kirstin live in Lacombe and have four children.  Our youngest son lives with his wife Jennifer in Cochrane.

We have operated our drafting and design business (PJB Design Consultants) in town since 1990 which is still operating today.  Our office has produced drawings for literally thousands of houses as well as commercial and other types of buildings.  Many of these are located right here in the City of Lacombe.

Volunteerism started early being involved with youth organizations, and then moving to other youth involvement once married.  A lot of my volunteerism has been with faith based organizations including 12 years on the board of Camp Silversides (Gull Lake).

Seeing opportunities to get involved with community based organizations, my wife and I loved volunteering for our son’s sports teams, working on the board of the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce, the economic development board for the City, re-starting Lacombe Days back in 2009 and working with the Lacombe and District Historical Society.

Since being elected as a city councillor from 2010, I have been on a number of boards, commissions and committees namely:

-          Police Commission
-          Lacombe Waste Services Commission
-          Council Remuneration Committee
-          Police Negotiating Committee
-          Heritage Resources Committee
-          Lacombe Emergency Management Advisory Committee
-          Lacombe Regional Emergency Advisory Committee
-          Affordable Housing Steering Committee
-          Council Remuneration Review Committee

I believe in a safe, family friendly community in which citizens are able to have a great quality of life.

 Peter 2.jpg

Grant Creasey

My name is Grant Russell Creasey and I want to be your Mayor.

I have deep roots in Central Alberta. My mother’s family settled east of Lacombe in the late 1800’s. In 1964 my family moved to town. The population was 2400 & phone numbers were only four digits long. I have many fond memories of Lacombe as a young child, playing & “working” downtown at the Lacombe Hotel, being the family business.

Currently I am 54, and happily married to my wife, Wendy. I grew up here in Lacombe, went to public school & played sports here, may have gotten in a little trouble here, worked here, and created successful businesses here. It is by choice that we made our life in Lacombe together; enjoying 19 yrs. of marriage in the place we are proud to call our home. I want to do my part ensuring Lacombe is as positive an experience for future generations as it was for me, growing up.        

Elected to the first City Council in 2010, it was a pleasure interacting with citizens. I learned a great deal throughout that term. I did my best to educate myself on the issues, engaged in healthy debate and participated in all meetings. It was here I recognized the need for positive change. I always put the well being of our community first in my role as councillor. Rest assured I will do the same if given the opportunity as Mayor! I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to make a long lasting and positive difference to our City.


My promise to you is this:

As your Mayor, I will focus my full-time efforts on ensuring your City government provides a family friendly community in a responsible manner that is respectful and financially sustainable.

 Grant 2.png

Wayne Armishaw

Wayne and his family have been a part of the community since the 1970’s
and he is proud to represent the people of Lacombe on City Council to the best of his ability.

The boards and committees Wayne serves or has served on in this last term include: Public Library, Parkland Regional Library, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Imagine Lacombe, Inter-municipal Development Plan Committee, Airport Steering Committee, Lacombe Regional Waste Service Commission.

Outside of Council, Wayne has served as a Cub leader, a board member of the Chamber of Commerce, Past Master of Eureka Masonic Lodge, Past President of Lacombe Rotary Club and operates a successful local business. He has been recognized, as a Lacombe Ambassador, a Volunteer of Distinction, is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow and operator of Lacombe Small Business of the Year 2009.

Wayne’s vision of Lacombe:
“Lacombe is open for business with opportunities for success, providing her citizen’s with above average public service and safety while remaining a friendly, attractive and affordable community for all residents to enjoy.”

Wayne has put his campaign slogan "For the Good of our City" into action. Instead of flyers Armishaw has contributed to the Gary Moe Autogroup Sportplex Upgrades.

His campaign is 100% self-funded."

 Wayne 2.png

Sandy Douglas

I was raised on a farm 4 miles (6.4km) from LACOMBE. I was raised in a household which was involved year-round to be planning a prestigious annual BASEBALL EVENT hosted in LACOMBE each JULY by the LACOMBE LIONS CLUB.

I attended Lacombe Composite High School, and the University of Calgary.

I coached Lacombe Minor Baseball, I coached Minor Hockey in Lacombe and I was on the EXECUTIVE BOARD of DIRECTORS of that Lacombe Minor Hockey Association.


I am experienced in the CATTLE INDUSTRY, in SPORTS, and in BUSINESS.

I have always paid close attention to most or all details about LACOMBE. I have a sincere, deep passion for this scenic, peaceful, friendly community and I strongly insist that our most valuable asset is LACOMBE’S ideal, almost perfect, central geographic location. Central for everything, especially ALL THINGS ALBERTA. We’ve not even scratched the surface of our potential in regard to this excellent central location. LACOMBE used to refer to our town as “THE CROSSROADS of the PARKLAND”. I don’t know why we stopped using that phrase so I intend to insist that we use it again…regularly and often.

I look forward to the MUNICIPAL ELECTION in OCTOBER of this year (2017). It would be my honour to serve the community of LACOMBE by becoming a member of LACOMBE’S CITY COUNCIL as a COUNCILLOR. 


 Don Gullekson

In 1991 Don Gullekson moved to Lacombe with his wife Karen and their 3 children Pamela, Heather and Paul. He was very happy to apply for this transfer to Lacombe as they had always thought it was an attractive town. As the ATCO agent in Lacombe Don served the community for 19 years. In 2010 Don retired from ATCO Gas with 36 years of service.

Don is a member of the Lacombe Daybreak Rotary Club. He has assisted with many Rotary projects and he is an organizer of the Annual Lacombe/Ponoka Golf Challenge.

Don is also a long time member of the Lacombe Curling Club Executive. In 2012 he began the process of bringing the men's and women's provincial curling championships to Lacombe. Serving as chairperson, Don, the rest of the committee and many volunteers hosted the 2014 Boston Pizza Cup Men's Provincial Curling Championship, the 2015 Jiffy Lube Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the 2016 Optimist U18 Boys and Girls Provincials. These prestigious events brought recognition to Lacombe and the sport of curling. They were also valuable fundraisers for the volunteer groups who assisted with the championships.

In 2014 Don was recognized with the Citizen of the Year Award by the Lacombe Chamber of Commerce.

Don enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, and curling. He also loves travelling and of course, family and serving his community.

 Don 2.png

 Thalia Hibbs

My husband and I chose Lacombe 13 years ago over other central Alberta communities to raise our growing young family because of its size, beauty, generous green spaces and trails, quality schools, recreational facilities and affordability. I want Lacombe to continue to be a desirable community into the future.

I strongly believe in modelling service to others for my 3 school age children: ordinary citizens can make a big impact on the quality of life for others, everyday.  I enjoy contributing to our community through constant volunteer work, often through local service groups, various community organizations, or coaching. Examples of my most recent volunteer roles are chairing the Lacombe Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, joining the Lacombe Neighbourhood Watch Program and I am completing the process to become an in-school mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I have the experience Lacombe needs. I have been so honoured to serve Lacombe as an elected School Board Trustee since 2010, which is nearly the identical role as councillor, and look forward to applying that experience and commitment to high standards now to the city. The added responsibility of being chosen Board Chair has also broadened my leadership skills and honed my respect of open and responsible governance practices, focused on serving the public first. I am eager to put that expertise into action for Lacombe.

I value life-long learning. While I had taken Criminology upon graduating high school, I am now completing a Commerce Degree, with an economics minor, which is very relevant when considering Lacombe’s need for Economic Development.

I have always been prepared to engage the community how they chose to be engaged, which includes social media.  I enjoy answering questions and sharing information.  It’s important to me that the community feels included in decision making.

 Thalia 2.jpg

 Cora Hoekstra

I grew up on a dairy farm just north of Morningside. My parents were both immigrants and made a home in Canada after the war. Along with my 4 siblings, I was raised to know the value of hard work; but my parents also modeled community service.

I took elementary and junior high school here in Lacombe.  I pursued and completed my degree at the University of Alberta. In Edmonton I also met my husband, Pete; we moved to Lethbridge, where we lived for six years. Pete worked as a teacher, and I was an instructor at the community college on the Peigan reserve.

We moved to Lacombe in 1992 with a new baby in tow. Over a few years we added three more kids to our busy young family. We settled happily with our great neighbours on Bruns Crescent.  For many years I stayed home raising our family.  In 2005 I took a job as the Coordinator of a Parent Link Centre, a hub for families with young children.  Currently I am working for a provincial Parent Link project. 

I am an active volunteer.  I’ve been involved with Rainbows, a support program for children and families dealing with grief. I was a member of the Board for Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services.  I volunteered at the Food Bank.  I was part of the Lacombe Christian School Board for two terms. I have always been involved at my church.  For the last 10 years my husband and I have coordinated the Lacombe Community Christmas dinner.

Our family has thrived in this community.  I have watched other families thrive. It will be exciting to be part of City Council that ensures Lacombe is attractive to families and individuals.  I am committed to its future, to being part of a team that will ensure Lacombe is a first class community.

 Cora 2.png

 Jonathan Jacobson

Jonathan grew up out in the country on the north side of Sylvan Lake. His first experience with Lacombe came in 1997 when he went to high school at Parkview Adventist Academy. Continuing with his education at Canadian University College (now Burman University), he graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2004. After a socially successful yet academically disastrous year in law school overseas, he decided that he wanted to hire a lawyer, not be one – and came back to Lacombe as a full time resident.

Since 2005, he has owned and operated Broder Developments, a custom home building and real estate development company. While the focus was on high end custom homes in for the first ten years, the recent economic downturn forced a reassessment and for the past three years, the business has focused more on multi-family development – with the project in Henner’s Village being a prime example. Through this endeavor, Jonathan discovered his true passion – helping those truly in need and deserving to get into their first home.

If you live on the north end of town, you’ll probably catch Jonathan in the early mornings or evenings, religiously walking his two little dogs, having an intense conversation with himself – don’t worry, he’s not crazy, just introspective.

Jonathan met his beautiful wife, Alejandra, in 2010. If you see them together, you’ll wonder how in the world he ever managed to convince her to date him, and the honest answer is that he’s not sure either. They had their first child two years ago, and are still trying to work up the courage for a second – maybe another dog?


 Reuben Konnik

Hello my name is Reuben Konnik and I would like you vote on October 16th for city councillor.  I have been a councillor for the last seven years.  I have a university degree from the University of Alberta majoring in political science.  My main focus, if re elected, will be to push very hard for more commercial ventures to come to Lacombe, especially the box outlets that so many people want.  The very best way to do that is to talk to the box outlets directly and in person.   Every year we fly a delegation across the country to a conference called FCM, which in my opinion is a complete waste of time and money.  If we are going to fly people across the country, we should be sending a delegation to the headquarters of Walmart or Canadian Tire and tell them why they need to come to Lacombe.  And if at the end of the day, they still don’t want to come, then so be it and at least we can say we tried.  We also need to tighten up our spending.   Spending $200,000 plus on the Bolt bus for example, is an expense that we need to take a hard look at.  Plus we have some infrastructure defecits we need to address such as the lack of sidewalks in some subdivisions such as fairway drive.  Lastly I have always campaigned on what I call my triple AAA guarantee.  This is my promise to be accountable, accessable and approachable.  I have felt that I have always done that and if re elected, I will continue to be that accountable, accessable and approachable councillor that you have come to expect.   On October 16th, I would humbly ask that you renew your faith and trust in me and re elect Reuben Konnik to city council.                 

 Reuben 2.jpg

 Bill McQuesten

Bill and his wife Marlene have two sons, Graham (20) and Ian (17). Marlene taught at Ecole JS McCormick School. The family attends Lacombe First Baptist Church and have been active in the Sunday School and Youth programs.

Bill has a degree in Economics and is a Certified Professional in Human Resources and has his National Construction Safety Officer designation.

Bills municipal experience includes:
-10 years Lacombe Councillor 1998-2001, 2007-2010, 2013-2017

-3 year as Lacombe Mayor 2001-2004

Bill will work for:
-A strong presence on Hwy 2 with the new West Area Development.

-Fair & Equitable Taxation with an expanded Commercial Tax Base.

-Adequate green spaces, recreational and cultural facilities.

-Keeping pace with community needs for safety by ensuring that all areas have adequate sidewalks.

-Ensuring that Seniors Housing needs are met through his efforts on the Lacombe Foundation.

-Preserve our community values with well planned growth.

Bill believes:
-As we continue to grow as a city, it is important to have strong leadership so that we preserve our heritage as we build for future generations.

Boards and Commissions

Bill has served on many of Lacombe’s Boards and Commissions. Those of note are, Founding Chair North Red Deer River Services Commission, Founding Chair/President Central Alberta Regional Trail Society, Vice Chair Lacombe Regional Solid Waste, Vice Chair Lacombe Regional Fire Service, Chair of Lacombe Louisiana Relief Fund (Raised close to $200,000.00)

Bill is an active Rotary Club member with over 20 years of service. Bill is Past President of both the Noon and Morning Rotary Clubs.

In 2005 Bill was appointed an ALBERTA CENTENNIAL AMBASSADOR by the Province of Alberta for his dedicated service to the community of Lacombe.

 Bill 2.png

 Wayne Rempel

Wayne Rempel has lived in Lacombe since 1999. Wayne and his family moved to Lacombe from Chilliwack BC to purchase a small pizzeria restaurant called Just Pizza 2 For 1 located downtown on 50th Avenue. After building up the business and needing more room he relocated to a larger building at the Lacombe Centre mall in 2005 and re branded his business to JP's. Wayne opened up his second business The Movie Depot in Lacombe in 2007. He sold both businesses in 2012 and then went into sales at Lacombe ford where he stayed for 4 years. He is now running the Lacombe Subway and is a partner in Magnetsigns as well as a consultant for the restaurant industry.

​Wayne has always been involved in the community since he moved here, first as a member of the Chamber of Commerce then as a director for 4 years and as President for 2 years. He was also a Charter member of the Lacombe Rotary Daybreak club and a member of the Lacombe Kinsmen club. Wayne has been involved with many other social, youth and church organizations as well over the last 18 years.  In 2007 Wayne was elected to Lacombe City council where he has sat on the following committees, boards, and commissions

CP Rail Advisory Panel
Lacombe Skatepark Committee
Lacombe Days committee
Lacombe Regional Fire Service
Municipal Planning Commission
Subdivision Appeals Board
Lacombe Trails Steering Committee
Lacombe Beautification
Economic Development Board
Lacombe Tourism
Central Alberta Regional Trails Committee
Charter member of Rotary Club of Lacombe Daybreak
Kinsmen Club Member
Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce

 Wayne has been married for 29 years and has two children, one son in law, three grandchildren and one dog. Wayne loves to spend time with his family and friends on the boat, around the fire and traveling. He is an avid scuba diver and his favorite place to go for a winter break is Mexico

 Wayne R 2.png

Chris Ross 

I am Chris Ross, I would be honored to be given the opportunity to serve on Lacombe City Council. My wife Diane and I have resided in Lacombe since December 2009. I was born and raised on a family farm NW of Lacombe in the Lincoln District. My parents Ian and Norma Ross still reside on the family farm that has existed since 1919. I credit my parents for teaching me the value of community, neighbors, and volunteerism for the community. Until November 2008, I was a cow/calf beef farmer and am now employed as an equipment sales rep. From four generations of family roots to myself graduating at Lacombe Composite High School I obviously have a tremendous amount of memories of Lacombe and area. My upbringing within a rural farming community contributed to whom I am today. The satisfaction of helping others in a time of need has built memories that are irreplaceable. Whether it was helping out a neighbor at the farm in the field, to today being part of our local Rotary Club witnessing about 20 people help unload a trailer of food for our local food bank, I truly enjoy being part of making a difference. Diane and I are so fortunate to still have a loving healthy family so close to share time together. In our spare time we enjoy camping, quading, curling, and being together for those holiday family meals. Lacombe is unique, it’s history and heritage is like no other within central Alberta. I’m passionate about making progress moving forward, it’s time for change! Please vote Monday, October 16 Thank You !

Community Service
2014-2017: Lacombe Days Chairman
2015-Present: Lacombe Rotary Daybreak Member
2016-Present: Lacombe Recreation and Culture Board Co-Chairman
2014-Present: City of Lacombe Traffic Committee    

 Chris 2.png

 Joyce Smith

A Voice for Seniors

In the early 1980’s I was the Mayor of Caroline, Alberta. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into the governing of municipalities and politics
I would like to see Lacombe become a more safe and welcoming community for Seniors and All of its citizens.

1. Having a more transparent and open Lacombe Management body with open public meetings.

2. Having Health and Safety bylaws in place when designing or engineering infrastructure and housing. These bylaws would support the senior and/or disabled citizen as well as all the residents.

3. Having a more friendly community for seniors and/or disabled people with having wheelchair ramps on all senior housing and government buildings including front and rear entrance.

4. Having clear bylaws regarding smoking around senior housing, sports and recreations areas and all public spaces.

5. Providing alternative resources for seniors to remain and stay in their own homes by co-ordinating groups to help with snow removal and lawn care.

6. Open discussions and speaking directly to Seniors/all people as not everyone is connected to the internet.

Most importantly, Council needs to be non-partisan, free of conflicts of interest while following the guidelines set forth by the governments of Alberta and Canada. Council needs to work as a team to create a prosperous and inviting City for the people by the people which includes the seniors and disabled.
It would be an honor to see Lacombe become the inviting and character City it once was.
Phone # 403-789-5635

 Joyce 2.png

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